It happens

It often happens inside of my being
right now
it's so ... like a wave, like a smoke,
like a mild ignition,
like ashes
It's like this, pretty like this,
like a pray
I don't know
how to say...

sometimes I melt
I wake up
from a too deep sleep
seems I stay, seems I fly
seems I swim
I drain, I drip
over your perfect body
and I am so,
I don't know
like a flow
or somehow
I don't really know
how to tell you

other times I think I fall asleep
but I don't really sleep
I have my eyes closed
but it's like I'd see you
and it's like I'd sip you
and it's as I'd like you
it's like you have good taste
I don't even know
how to tell you, so…

It often
happens inside of my being
to want you and I'm waiting for you
and even though it's hard to tell you
It happens inside of me
It happens now,
right now!.

I was born in a summer day

I was born by luck
of course , a fluke
My mom was out for a walk
But this does not give me shock

I think I enjoyed madly
for a moment
because the sun smiles for me today
and the sea breeze
settles on my skin on a lay
like the wind through the trees
because, oh yes, I was born
in a summer day

I was born together with happiness
the happiness of the whole world
thus everyone is happy
when a happy child is born
I had chubby cheeks
I had long curly hair
I was ready to love for
hours and weeks

everyone loved me,
from parents to distant relatives
I have never felt, I swear
How some choices are negatives,
they are like a self-war
because I was born
from a happy act

It was warm, it was summer
my feet on the ground were like a hammer
I was born in a summer day
A warm, comfortable and friendly one
it was lunch-time, in the morning or maybe it was evening
I felt loved and beautiful
like in a love story
a seasonal love
and now, after a long time
I will tell you
When it is summer I like to love,
The instincts prime...

How to?

How can I paint your wind, baby,
the wind that twitches on your cheeks every time you faces it?
to figure it transparently, like a struggling angel?
to paint it strong like a fight,
or to draw it by a unique gash,
like the victory that glitters in your azure eyes?

How to paint your emotion
the bursting emotion from your odd pores
to paint it expanded, like an explosion?
to figure it flashy, as fireworks
or to draw it clear and meandering,
like the tear from your lonesome eyes?

How to paint your touch, baby?
the touch that’s born of desultory reunions?
to represent it red and yellow, just as a flare?
to paint it whirling like a stormy ocean
or to draw it trembling and luscious
like the flavor of your body sipped by my taste?


People who are made one for the other are born whenever needed to meet each other. Their merger is the supreme goal of eternity.